Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Saved My Neck!

Just a quick post in case you are ever in the situation I was in today. I was told to have a presentation ready in a couple of days to present to management in our company. Great. I have had those materials prepared for a while, so all I have to do is tweak them a bit and I'm ready to go... WRONG! I somehow lost all my files. The directory where I had my presentation saved vanished!!!

I searched for a while for applications to recover my deleted files. I found a few that looked ok, so I downloaded the trials. I started searching my pc, but it was taking forever (and I did not have that kind of time). I finally remembered a Vista commercial that briefly mentioned something about how easy Vista makes it to recover deleted files, so I started searching for that. With that search I found ShadowExplorer. Now, the first post I saw on it mentioned that it was built in to all of the versions of Vista, but I did not see it in mine (Vista Business). I searched for a download of it and found this site...

From there, I was able to download the latest version and recover my files with just a few clicks of the mouse!!!

ShadowExplorer is a life-saver, so I thought I'd share in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar conundrum.


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